What My Life is Like in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What My Life is Like in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


I think your friends say a lot about YOU.

We tend to surround ourselves with people who are just like us. Who have similar values, beliefs, and goals.

Your friends are a reflection of who you are.

Today, I’m introducing you to one of my good friends, Jen, who vlogs on the Damaged Cupcake YouTube channel. She also has a baking company in NYC.

This video is gonna make you laugh! Join us as we explore Williamsburg and share some silly stories.

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I hope you laughed and smiled while you watched this video.

Remember that while I’m educating about how to start an online business, build a blog, and set up your ideal lifestyle… it doesn’t have to be all serious.

Life is about having FUN.

What’s the point of achievement, if you’re not enjoying the moments along the way?

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