How to Get More Blog Readers

How to Get More Blog Readers


I used to think that if I wrote a book that shared all of the secrets of the universe, that the world would beat a path to my door.


If you had some kind of universal secret (maybe that aliens exist), then the hardest part would actually be convincing people to LISTEN TO YOU. 

The same goes for blogging. Just because you’ve worked super hard to put together a great blog post doesn’t mean that people are going to read it.

In fact, more often then not, they won’t read it and they won’t subscribe to your blog.

If you’re wondering why most people don’t make it with blogging, this is one of the major reasons.

Quite simply, beginning bloggers gives up because no one’s reading their work.

They figure, “Well, I guess people don’t like what I have to say.”

This is plainly not true. There is a message out there for everyone. Online, there are so many niche communities that cater to every facet of the human existence.

The real issue is that beginners don’t know how to get people to read their blog.

If you want to:

  • Earn a full-time income from blogging
  • Live the laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere
  • Build up passive income streams

Then you gotta know how to get people to read your work.

Thankfully, this is a learnable skill. If you apply the right strategies, you can build up a base of loyal readers who read your work every time you come out with a new post.

The video below will show you how.

With this video, I’m going to share WHY people aren’t reading your blog articles.

It’s VERY frustrating!

Luckily, there are other people out there that have gotten the SAME results you want to achieve.

You just have to model their strategy. There are tactics that I’ve uncovered that are proven to get you traffic, subscribers, and help you grow your income.

Wait! What if people don’t like me?

There are 7.6 billion people on the planet. I guarantee you that if you met all of them, at least .01% would like you, your ideas, and resonate with your feelings.

That’s 70 million people that would like you.

You’re not as unique as you think you are (and neither am I). We all have common thoughts, feelings, and life stories.

The great thing about the internet is that it allows people to connect with others who have similar interests.

Maybe no one that you grew up with was interested in writing fiction novels, but when you go online, you find out that millions and millions of people are!

As a thought experiment, we can even examine negative emotions like:

  • Anger at ethnic groups
  • Fear mongering
  • Hatred towards people

The sad thing is that the internet even allows these types of people to connect with each other.

It doesn’t matter what stories you have or emotions you feel, there’s bound to be someone else out there who will connect with you.

There are even “unsociable” qualities that lead to connections. For example, I’m way more into nerdy things like pulling apart obscure topics. If I talk about my nerdy things at parties, no one would be interested.

However, if I publish my thoughts online, I can connect with other nerds that are ALSO into that.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Be yourself and be authentic. You’re vibe will attract your tribe.

There are PROVEN ways to get more readers…

Just like there is a formula for being “liked” at a party, there is also a formula for getting more readers.

I go way more in-depth into this with my YouTube video. There’s a lot of good stuff in there that your’e going to want to hear.

I can give you a sneak peak though…

Most creative types and artist create content that THEY want to exist in the world. They’ll create some kind obscure art piece, because they think it’s cool.

They’ll write a self-centered book about their life, because their life is meaningful to them.

All great successful people are a little bit narcissistic, but the value you bring to the world needs to be far greater than the value you take for yourself.

For example, Steve Jobs cared a lot about how he came across. He seemed to have wanted to appear like a fearless leader of Apple who had the mysticism and charisma of a religious leader.

After reading his biography, I came away surprised at how mean he was to many of his employees and partners. He verbally berated them. He was arrogant, narcissistic, and took his emotions out on others.

At the same time, he brought products into the world that generated BILLIONS of dollars in revenue for Apple and a ton of value for consumers.

When overseeing the creation of products, he wasn’t thinking about himself.

He was thinking about the customer. How could he deliver a product that the customer loved?

This is why he was successful. He focused on the customer, not himself.

If he had ONLY focused on himself, then it would be a different story. He’d likely create bizarre products that he (but no one else) wanted.

This analogy can be applied to blogging. If you’re writing for yourself… great! But don’t expect to maximize the number of readers you have.

If you want to get more readers, you have to write FOR readers. You have to deliver content that they want (or that they want, but don’t realize it).

You can’t only be focused on writing articles that benefit your ego or share your feelings. You must also publish articles that are intended to inform, educate, entertain, or persuade your audience

If you’d like a more comprehensive breakdown of this idea along with some of my other techniques for getting blog readers, then you’re going to want to check out this YouTube video.

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