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What Should You Blog About? 10 Easy Ways to Get Started

So you want to start a blog?  Once you finally decide to start one, you’re then faced with the question… so… what should you write about? There are so many topics out there that you can cover. You also don’t want to make the... Read More

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5 Best Blogs on Podcasting You Gotta Follow

Do you want to start a popular podcast? What about grow a show that gets thousands of downloads? Thankfully, there are now helpful educational websites out there that can show you how to do exactly that! I’m going to share a list with you of some... Read More

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Blog Book review Tips

Review of Invisible Influence by Jonah Berger

I really enjoyed this book, and Jonah Berger’s other book, Contagious. I was initially afraid that this book would just be a copy of Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, but I was pleasantly surprised! While there is some overlap, I think... Read More

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Blog Blogging entrepreneurship Tips

5 Costly Lessons About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was all the rage when blogging first started and even now it’s toted as a magical way to earn passive income without having to put in much work (here are other ways to do that). I want to set a realistic expectation for new... Read More

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Blog Blogging Tips

Review of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

I’ve always been that soft-spoken guy who would tell a friend, “You know you really should…” only to have them ignore my advice and then come back in a few months saying that they should have listened to me. It’s kind of a... Read More

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Blogging ecommerce Tips

Aweber vs. MailChimp

If you’ve been thinking about building an email list, it’s likely that you’ve come across the two software tools, Aweber and MailChimp. Both tools can help you build a list of opted-in subscribers who will receive your future... Read More

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ecommerce entrepreneurship Tips

5 Killer Ways to Promote Your Shopify Store

1. Build an Email List The focus of most Shopify store owners is to get customers in the door and get them buying as quickly as possible. You might use google analytics to figure out just how long customers spend on your site and which links they are... Read More

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entrepreneurship Personal Tips

Growing My Blogs and Forum to Over 1 Million Pageviews

This journey started two years ago. Before I dive into some of the takeaways from growing my online assets to 1 million page views (in total since I started, with most of the growth in the last year), I want to highlight that everyone has their own... Read More

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