"Can you REALLY make money blogging?"

“Can you REALLY make money blogging?”


I was at a networking event last week doing my thing.

I like meeting new peeps. It’s hard to make new friends/connections in NYC, so I always try to get out and about.

100% of my customers find me online now, so I just go to these types of events to be social and have fun.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

Anyway, I was talking with this dude about my biz. He seemed cool. He was working on this new social networking startup.

All of a sudden, this older, but beautiful, brunette introduced herself and entered the convo.

She was tall, lithe, and good looking. She visibly increased the tension in the room. Under any other setting, it would probably be hard to keep eye contact with her.

In the past, this is the kind of girl I would have TOTALLY gone after. Now, I’m happily dating someone.

I started to share a bit of what I do, and how I started my own business, when she interrupted me…

“I hear a lot of people say they’re entrepreneurs when really, they’re just unemployed.”

Ouch! Hahah.

Granted, the word “entrepreneur” is thrown around a lot now a days. It’s kind of lost it’s meaning, wouldn’t you agree?

I laughed, ignored the comment, and went on to explain how I’m a blogger, etc.

She gave me a weird look… “You can make money with that?”

You’ll find that this is a VERY common question.

Mainstream people can’t really wrap their head around how you can work from home, make good money, and be your own boss.

I want to take a sec to share with you how you can get paid to blog and write articles from home. Watch the video below to see how.

I’ve been full-time as a blogger since 2014. It’s nothing new to me.

I still find it amusing that people find it socially acceptable to ask “how much do you make?” as a blogger.

In any other context, that question would be considered borderline rude.

But, that’s a small price to pay for being able to set your own hours, do work that you love, and live a life of tremendous freedom!

What would YOUR life be like if…

  • You never had to report to a boss EVER AGAIN.
  • You never had to commute to work in the rain, snow, and cold.
  • You could work whenever you want, wherever you want (even if that’s from a beach in Thailand).
  • You could spend more time with your family, friends, and wife or girlfriend.
  • You could FINALLY earn $30k, 50k, or 80k per year doing something that you love.

Imagine how it would feel to be able to wake up at a reasonable time, make a healthy breakfast, and check out a cool cafe in your area.

The cafe has a friendly staff and maybe one or two other professional types are working there with their laptops. They’re banging away at their keyboard.

You order a drink and a snack and then sit down at a table close to the window. It’s peaceful.

Every once in a while, you can see some pedestrians walking past the cafe. You pull out your laptop and get to work.

You’re there, sipping a steaming cup of coffee or tea, and working on a new blog article for next week.

As you type on the keyboard, your mind is racing. You have so many ideas that are just flowing through your finger tips. You already know, this is gonna be a killer post!

How freakin’ great would it feel to be able to say that was YOUR day?

Pretty epic, right?

Well now it can be…

Let me introduce you to a career with:

  • Job stability: It will take some time to get set it all up, but once you do, you can’t be fired. You are the boss!
  • Unlimited income potential: You can make a much or as little as you’d like. Once you’re earning $30k, $50k, or $80k per year, you can sit back and relax. Or, you can work to continue to earn even more money. It’s up to you.
  • Passive income opportunities: Visitors can stumble on your website without you having to be there. This allows you to earn money in your sleep. Your time won’t be tied to your income.
  • Influence and authority: In a small way, you can be famous! People will know who you are, without ever having met you in person. This makes you feel powerful and influential. Just don’t let it go to your head.
  • Location-independence: You can work from home, a cafe, or anywhere else. You don’t have to report to an office location every day. You can spend your free time as you like.

All you gotta to do get started is educate yourself!

Every worthwhile income-earning opportunity in life has required this.

If you want to become an accountant, you gotta go through 12 years of school and then 4-8 years of college and post-graduate work.

Not to mention that now a days the average cost of college is $34,000 for private institutions and $9,970 for in-state residents attending public colleges.

That isn’t in total… that’s PER YEAR.

This doesn’t include other fees, special housing, or food.

Over four years, that’s $136,000 that you’ll be paying for the opportunity to earn a job that starts at MAYBE $30k – $50k.

The funny thing is that if you want to earn more, you’ll have to then pay for even more schooling, am I right?

You can earn the SAME amount of income from the comfort of your home and it doesn’t cost $136,000 to do it.

In fact, most of the education that I put out there is free, just like today’s video.

It comes down to this…

TV shows and movies ALWAYS portray professions incorrectly. A real doctor doesn’t act like a doctor on a crime show.

The same goes for blogging. The media INCORRECTLY characterizes what a blogger does and how they make money.

With this free video that I’ve put together, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that exposes how bloggers ACTUALLY earn a healthy income doing what the love.

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