The #1 Way to Get Blog Readers to Buy Products and Services

The #1 Way to Get Blog Readers to Buy Products and Services


When I was 21 years old, I wanted to be famous.

I wanted a bunch of fans who obsessed over my writing. I wanted a slew of girls who admired my work.

After all… what guy in college wouldn’t want that?

I didn’t really care about much else. Growing up a nerd, I never cared very much about money. I wanted to use my intelligence to help people.

I always saw business as a world full of salesy and repugnant people who said whatever they had to in order to separate YOU from your money.

It wasn’t what I wanted my life to turn into. I was writing purely because it was my passion!

As I’ve grown and matured, I’ve come to realize that my view of business was very skewed.

It was incorrectly informed by news networks, television, movies, and people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

While yes, there are some people in business who are deplorable human beings, that’s true of EVERY profession.

Let me tell you why my perspective changed.

When I created my first product online, I was scared. I thought that people would HATE me. I imagined them writing angry emails and messages, saying that I was a sell out.

Oddly enough… something completely different happened.

I got a lot of messages like, “Finally!” and “Can’t wait to buy it.”

I was so confused. As I dug deeper, I came to find that not only were people buying my new product, but they were also using it and telling me how awesome it was.

At that point in time, I had written many, many blog posts on my topic and I had demonstrated my expertise.

I put my heart and soul into my first product. I worked really, really hard. I shared things that I never shared anywhere else… and people loved it!

That day, I realized I had this whole sales thing wrong.

Sales is all about connecting people with the products that will IMPROVE their life in a tangible way.

You can then use the money you earn to re-invest in your business and create even better products, which will get them BETTER results.

Cool, huh?

At it’s core, your job is to help people. If you help enough people, you’ll end up doing well.

Does that sound good? Cool.

Let’s talk about how to get your blog readers to buy products and services, so that you can positively impact more people around the world.

I”ll walk you through the #1 thing you need to do if you want to convert visitors into customers.

Where does the “buying” decision take place? What’s the best way to earn income from a blog?

We talk about all of that and more with this video. It’s not what you think…

So… why aren’t readers buying?

In the video, I go through the #1 way to get you readers to buy more of your products and services.

If you’re reading this article, then it might be because your blog readers aren’t buying your products or services.

This can make you angry, frustrated, and generally feel worthless.

As much as people tell you not to “take business personally,” it still hurts to find out that your product sucks or that you were wrong about an idea you had.

I want to help you figure out exactly why your readers aren’t buying, so that you can shift your approach and discover a completely new revenue stream.

No matter what you’re selling, these are the main reasons why someone would not buy your stuff:

  • They don’t believe it will solve their problem.
  • They don’t know enough about you to trust you.
  • They aren’t interested in the PROBLEM the product solves.
  • They don’t believe the value is worth the price.
  • It is not emotionally intriguing enough for them to make “buying it” a priority.

Usually, the reason why your sales system is breaking down comes down to four things:

  1. You. The person selling the product.
  2. The problem it solves. This is a problem they care about solving.
  3. The product quality. It works. It’s proven. They’ll get results.
  4. The price. This is rarely the objection, but the structure of your offer will influence how they think about the price. Are they getting a lot of value or only a little?
  5. Their emotions. It’s an established fact that customers buy based on emotions and justify their purchases with logic.

While you have to hit all of these points in order to have a successful sale, the last point is usually the most difficult to master.

Most smart people aren’t used to needing to appeal to someone’s emotion instead of their logic when trying to convince them to make a good decision.

What mistake are YOU making?

From my experience helping bloggers, many noobs make the mistake of:

  1. Creating a product that solves a problem people DON’T CARE ABOUT.
  2. Sending the WRONG people to the product and getting disappointed when they don’t buy.

Let’s say that you write a book that shows people how to make a snowman.

Yes… that’s a problem, but is it a problem that people care about? Not really.

You’re not going to get many buyers simply because the process isn’t difficult enough to warrant paying for it.

Let’s say you write a book that shows students how to improve the intelligence of their child in the early years. This is from your experience raising a few kids who end up becoming geniuses.

Awesome. Parenting is an established marketplace. People care about raising their kids right. This is a problem that people care about.

Now… let’s say that your blog is about facing emotional challenge in high school. Most of your subscribers are teens or high school students going through issues.

If you tried to promote it to them, you probably wouldn’t get many sales.

They don’t experience the PROBLEM that you’re trying to solve.

In this case, you’ve created a product that solves a real problem, but you let the WRONG people know about it. These people don’t experience the problem. Therefore, you’re not seeing sales.

Make sense?

If you’d like more information, this video will reveal the major reason that most readers fail to buy the products and services that your selling.

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