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Online business is TOUGH. It’s hard to sort out the good information from the bad. I only share the best advice when it comes to boosting your traffic and sales.

Months before I graduated college I was offered a job working at a great startup company in Washington, DC.

My starting salary was gonna be a little over $50,000.

It was in a terrific area of the city. The team seemed young, hungry, and motivated.

But, to everyone’s surprise, I turned down that job.

I had made up my mind that I wanted to build my own company after college. This was my one shot.

I was going to do whatever it took and work however many hours I needed in order to be successful.

I moved to NYC with one month’s rent to my name and started grinding away.

Two years later, all the hard work paid off. I earned $50k that year directly from my blog.

I had made it. I was living the laptop lifestyle. I could go and travel any time I wanted. I could work however much or little I wanted. I was my own boss.

Now… I know there are some bloggers out there earning millions of dollar per year with their blog. I’m not one of those (at least, not yet).

I can’t show you how to get rich, but I can show you exactly how to earn a healthy income doing work that you love.