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Book review

Review of Dotcom Secrets by Russel Brunson

Woah! This book was epic. I learned a ton about online marketing, specifically, how to start and grow an info-product business.

This year, I made the decision that I want to grow my blog/podcast/YouTube channel into an educational company. I wanted to take course creation seriously.

I came to this realization after feeling like I had hit a bit of a plateau. I could continue to do what I was doing, and have a business that affords me a nice lifestyle, but it wouldn’t make me rich as quickly as I wanted.

Of all of the thing I’ve done in my life, the most positive feedback has come from my ability to learn and teach. By viewing my work as the foundation of an educational company, it would change my strategy significantly.

That’s why I’ve been doing many more courses this year and webinars to sell those courses.

I also realized that throughout my entire life, the info-product industry has actually had a significant positive effect on my life.

The reason why I started working out was because of Bowflex commercials. At a young age (10/11) I realized I wanted to look like the guy in the commercials, and of course, have a fit girl like the one in the infomercials.

Later, it was people like Robert Kiyosaki that got me into business with his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Of course, there were also other influences besides him.

I even got into personal development from icons like Tony Robbins and his book Unlimited Power. I’m sure that many other people share a similar catalyst.

One day, I found myself relaxing on a rooftop in NYC, gazing at the stars. I was smoking a tiny cigar and thinking about life (what else is new). I started to connect the dots, and I was amazed to find that so many good things in my life actually came from the info-product industry.

There are many BAD products and individuals in this industry, but there are also a lot of good ones. I think that this industry creates a separate “reality” from the mainstream consciousness.

My desire to build up existing business into an educational company is what led me to the book, DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online by Russel Brunson.

I’ve learned a ton from this book. If you’re new to the info-product industry, or you want to build your own educational company, then you should definitely check out this book.

I’m going to share some of the notes I took this book down below. This will reveal some of my major takeaways.

The great thing is that these techniques also work. I’ve tested out several of them and I started to make more sales with my existing course and I improved the conversions on my latest webinar.

At the time of writing, you can purchase DotCom Secrets for $8.69 on Amazon.

Notes on Dotcom Secrets

  • “Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” – Dan Kennedy.
  • Who are your dream clients, where can you find them, what bait will you use to attract them, what results do you want to give them?
  • Need to create a continuity or monthly program.
  • Flesh out my value ladder. Price and value goes up with each level.
  • “A percentage of your audience will always want to pay you the premium to get more value.” There is no end.
  • “In a perfect world, I would immediately be able to talk my dream client into purchasing my best, most expensive service. But, I haven’t provided value yet. It’s almost impossible to build a company just offering your high-end services. You need a full range of offers.”
  • “Provide value to each customer at the unique level of service that he or she can afford.”
  • A sales funnel is the process that you use to take people through the levels of your value ladder.
  • Target market: What are their pains and passions. What do they desire. What do they think about and what do they search for online. Dig into your own experience.
  • Understand the strategy, set up the systems, and hire people who are good at the tactics.
  • Traffic you own. Traffic you pay for. Traffic that’s organic.
  • The attractive character: we love them, want to be like them, relate to their stories, and therefore buy what they’re selling.
  • Shared something with the audience and there is a new segment attracted to his persona. They could relate, and therefore had enough trust to purchase.
  • “I want to be like _____.”
  • “I kept seeing examples of this trend. The people who related to my stories were the ones who bought my products.”
  • Four elements of an attractive character (can be you or not you).
    • Backstory: You’re unable to relate to someone without a backstory. He’s just another dude eating subs. If people can relate where you came from, they will want to follow you to where you are now. You’ll seem unreal otherwise and untouchable. If they see you were once in a similar situation, they instantly identify with you. Relate it to what you’re selling though.
    • AC speak in parables: Easy to remember and illustrate a relevant point. Amusing or memorable story. Use the things that happen to you to teach and inspire others. “When you stop teaching facts and start teaching through parables, your message will stay with an audience longer.”
    • AC shares their flaws: A character with vulnerabilities and flaws makes them interesting that people CARE about. “No one wants to hear about the perfect person – because you can’t relate.” Flaws create empathy.
    • AC uses polarity: Being neutral is boring. Stick to your guns. It turns fair weather fans into diehard fans. “It’s very interesting that we will spend as much time listening to, talking about, and sharing things from people that we despise as we do from our favorite people.” If no one’s talking about you, no one know who you are.
  • The Leader: You have a similar backstory to audience. The result has been achieved by the leader.
  • Adventurer or crusader: Curious and set out journey to discover the answer. Shares the answers with them rather than leading audience on journey to find them result.
  • Reporter or evangelist: Interviewing people to discover the answers. Also share your own experience. People will associate you with high-profile people over time. “My status went up because I was constantly in the company of high-status people.”
  • The Reluctant Hero: Don’t want the limelight, but share your findings out of obligation. Shy.
  • Storylines:
    • Loss and redemption.
    • Us vs. them (polarize audience – draw raving fans closer and give them a rallying cry against the outsiders).
    • First I was _____. Now I’m _____.
    • Amazing Discovery. Good for webinars. They help people “believe that the answer they have been searching for is finally available to them.”
    • Secret telling.
    • Third-person testimonial. Sprinkle them liberally. Case studies.
  • Soap Opera Sequence: Create bond with Attractive Character. Use story to get character attention. Can use cliffhangers. Start story on part of high drama. Then events that happened (backstory) to get to high drama moment.
  • People are open to your answers because they are stuck. Bring on personal journey with you. Where you hit the wall. Open loop and promise to close.
  • Focus on hidden benefits.
  • Seinfeld emails: Be entertaining. Tell stories. Tie it back to your core offer.
  • For competitors, nail down: offer, landing page, traffic source, and ad copy. “It’s more likely to be what gets people in the door, while the real moneymakers are down the line somewhere. The first offer is just the tip of the iceberg, and I need to see their ENTIRE iceberg during this research phase.
  • Pre-frame in order to get the outcome that you desire. The state of mind you put someone in before you move them to the next step.
  • The frame people are in before they enter your website is the best thing to know.
  • Determine traffic temperature in terms of unaware -> problem aware -> solution aware -> product aware -> most aware.
  • “If your prospect is aware of your product and has realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product. If he is not aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire. If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks, but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystallizes into a specific need”
  • Hot traffic: know who you are. On email list, podcast read blog, talk to them as friends. Personality driven communications.
  • Warm traffic: joint venture and organic social media.
  • Cold traffic: ads, banner ads, etc.
  • Cold traffic bridge is the holy grail of online marketing. The secret of growing massive companies. Learn how to convert cold traffic.
  • Cold traffic: don’t use any jargon. talk in more broad terms.
  • Match messaging to traffic’s temperature and knowledge.
  • “If people aren’t willing t give their email addresses at this point, they are highly unlikely to give me money later.”
  • Qualify subscribers. Then quality buyers. “A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”
  • The list of subscribers is different from the list of buyers.
  • Hyperactive buyers = in some kind of pain right now and will buy more than one thing at a time. Selective sequence for them and upsells.
  • Change the selling environment to sell high-ticket items.
  • Include “value of” to make the thing seem worthwhile.
  • Qualify subscribers (I know how to do this well). Qualify buyers by getting them to pay for something.
  • Offer is distinguished based on how you make your money back.
    • You might lose money on the offer when it comes to free plus shipping, trials, trip wires, etc. But, you can break even with up-sells.
    • A self-liquidating offer (SLO) is when the front end product liquidates your ad cost so that your up-sells can become pure profit.
    • Straight sale offers are $97 and up. They are best offered to a warm audience and people who have gone through funnels or watched webinars. Need stronger bond with AC. Need more selling.
  • Qualify hyperactive buyers. First qualify as buyers then offer up-sells.
    • Bumps on the order form
    • One-time offers (compliment initial purchase). Must add value to initial offer.
    • Downsales if say no to OTO. Different product or payment plan. 20% can say yes.
    • Affiliate recommendations.
  • Unaware -> Problem aware -> Solution aware -> Most aware.
  • Start with SLO or F+S for cold traffic.
  • Introduce to the buyer qualification for the organic traffic + bond with attractive character.
  • Humans can’t resist the word free. Hershey’s Kiss experiment.
  • Free + Shipping script: Who, what, why how. Catch. Urgency. Guarantee. Recap.
  • “I’ve got __ that’s going to show you ____.” “If you’ve been struggling with __, then you need this because it will ____.” “Just do x,y,z” “I’m do this because___.” Urgency. guarantee.
  • OTO – Longer process did not help. Just do right after the purchase. When customer buys something, don’t sell more of the same thing. They’ve scratched that itch. Find the next thing the customer needs to accomplish core goal. Or “do it faster” just don’t say not complete or will be mad about first offer. Could also do “need help.”
  • OTO – Confirm decision to limit buyer’s remorse. Keep the loop open. Say made smart decision and why. Tell them about the ONE Thing that stands out in product. Can’t explain everything. Future pace. Value stack. Testimonials.
  • SLO – cover expense of buying traffic. Use questions to get prospect to think about what they desire most. Agitate past failures. Big promise.
  • Story: Drama, backstory, problem, epiphany, solution path, first sign success, conspiracy, big lie and not your fault, common enemy, rapid growth. case studies. hidden benefits.
  • Solution: pain and cost, ease, speed, so benefits, social proof, the offer, build value, price anchor, “if all,” reveal price, guarantee, scarcity, future pacing, call to action, post selling.
  • Webinar: big promise. Hook to end. Command attention. Future pace. Break their belief patterns. The stack. If all.
  • PLF = Wow+how you and others are using it, people look over shoulder as walk through process, ownership and what it’s like to live with this in their life, the offer.
  • High ticket – how do people feel about where they are. Pull out the emotions. What are their hopes and dreams. What would money allow them to do? Find the reason why the person will buy this.
  • Simply a lack of knowledge blocking success and you can provide him with that knowledge. If you knew how to ___ would you do it? You have to get them to admit they don’t know what they’re doing to some degree and need help.
  • Get them to say why they will be successful with the program.

Tons of more great findings.

At the time of writing, you can purchase DotCom Secrets for $8.69 on Amazon.

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What college major is best for entrepreneurs?

Are you currently in college?

If so, you gotta hit me up.

Outside of school, the success you experience in your life comes down to three things:

  1. How soon you get started
  2. Your level hunger
  3. What you learn from mentors

If you do nothing else… find a mentor!

But, since you’re in college right now, you also have to worry about grades.

If you’re completely set on finishing your education, then I’d recommend a specific focus for your undergraduate degree.

Below, you’ll find my recommendations.

Since you’re still a young guy or gal, it’s crucial that you learn as much as you can about entrepreneurship.

It’s gonna pay off later, and you won’t make nearly as many mistakes.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel. You’ll gain access to free regular content on the topic of business, entrepreneurship, and earning an income online.

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Blogging YouTube

What is Electric Zoo or Ezoo like? (Woah… crazy costumes)

Wanna know what Electric Zoo is like? It’s dope!

I took a break from work on Friday and checked out Ezoo in NYC (2017). It was SO MUCH FUN.

From dancing to crazy costumes, I’m glad I went. I even made a video about it, so that you can see first hand what it’s like.

The only reason that I was able to go on a Friday is because my job rocks.

As a blogger, you can decide when you want to work. If you want… you don’t have to wake up until 11 am.

Haha – if you really want, you can even work in your pajamas (not saying I have…).

I’ll share a link with you after the video if you’re interested in learning a bit more about my job. It’s not as hard as you’d think…

My YouTube channel is all about creating a lifestyle business online.

Does that sound interesting to you?

If so… take a second to subscribe to the channel.

You’ll get updates when I come out with new videos.

Lastly, do you want to become a full-time blogger?

I’m going to be opening up the Lifestyle Business Academy again.

You can join the waitlist here.

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9 Types of Blogs that Make Good Money

There is an art and a science to blogging.

Certain blog niches and topics are proven to make more money than others.


Simple! Supply and demand.

There are a definitive number of human beings searching out key topics on Google, Facebook, etc. They are looking for:

  • Educational information
  • Entertaining distractions
  • News alerts
  • Solutions to their problems

Now, if you want don’t start a blog in one of the “main niches” that I’m going to mention, don’t fret.

After all, my very first professional blog was about crowdfunding, which is a niche topic.

However, you WILL find that almost every profitable micro-niche usually tends to fall under one of these categories.

For example, I would put “crowdfunding” under the “business advice” category.

Make sense?

These are some of the types of blogs that make good money…

1. Fashion and Beauty

fashion beauty

This category has always existed, will always exist, and if you have an audience, can be ridiculously profitable.

When I say “fashion and beauty” I’m referring to tips on what to wear, how to wear it, makeup, and everything that goes into how you portray yourself to the world.

Naturally, this niche is very popular for females, but there are also some guys out there that are killing it. Many have sizable followings on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

The reason this category is profitable is because there are a ton of ways to monetize your blog. You can recommend products, do sponsored content, sell your own lines, and more.

People will always want to look good, so this niche isn’t going away anytime.

Examples include:

2. Personal Finance

This is another evergreen topic that always has demand. Just look at all the books out there on personal finance.

Everything that has to do with saving, investing, and managing your money can be lumped into this category.

A lot of these blogs will talk about how to get out of debt, invest for retirement, save effectively, and get better deals.

There are many companies, products, and services out there that will help individuals do this, making it a profitable niche to go into.

Examples include:

3. Fitness and Healthy Living

Fitness is a billion dollar industry. There are tons of weight loss products, supplements, muscle building programs, and more.

Naturally, there is also a large base of consumers interested in learning more about fitness and healthy living, hence the popular blog niche.

As this topic becomes more and more popular, we also see rising sub-topics like meditation and mental health. I’ll talk more about this in point #8.

Examples include:

4. News and Politics

People are curious about the world around them. They want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world.

Of course, there are major news organizations out there that help satisfy this basic desire. However, there are a growing number of online commentators that provide their perspective on the news

In addition, there are many blogs that have sprung up that provide a specific point of view on the news (liberal, conservative, etc).

With the rise of social media networks like Facebook, everyone is getting into the news business. For example, niche tech blogs are breaking real stories in the technology realm.

Years ago, this used to be reserved only for the major newspapers, and maybe some magazines.

Examples include:

5. Make Money Online

Aaaaand, of course there’s the “make money online” industry.

There are tons of ways that you can make money online, including:

  • Launching a blog
  • Growing a podcast
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Dropshipping
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Affiliate marketing
  • and much, much more.

I would actually lump the MMO industry under a “career” or “business” category. More often than not, people are searching out information on how to improve their income or get a better job.

If you’ve been successful in any of the categories on this blog post, you could theoretically talk about how to earn an income online. Therefore, it’s a very saturated niche.

Examples include:

6. Food

If you haven’t already, you should be noticing a trend. Many of these topics are also very popular when it comes to book categories.

Food has been and always will be a popular category in the blogging world. There are many amateur chefs out there that want to learn new cooking skills.

In addition, I think it’s fair to say that 99% of the world loves food.

This is a topic that’s always going to be in demand.

Examples include:

7. DIY and Crafts

With the growth of Etsy, Pinterest, and YouTube, we’ve seen the emergence of a whole slew of DIY and craft bloggers.

Many of these types of blogs focus on interior design, life hacks, and re-modeling your home on a budget. We’ve also seen a lot of mommy bloggers transition into this niche.

Examples include:

8. Self-Improvement

Self-improvement, personal development, or self-help all stand for one thing… helping people see a radical transformation in their life!

This could include:

  • Emotional mastery
  • Dating and relationships
  • Cultivating Happiness
  • Family
  • and more.

Usually, blogs in this industry are focused on helping readers get in touch with who they really are, so that they can set corresponding goals and a compelling vision for the future.

9. Entertainment

Lastly, the web has been a boom for entertaining content. Just look at all of the publications that have racked up views and advertising dollars from Facebook.

Many of these blogs have gotten “shock” and “awe” down to a formula. They get their traffic by promising and delivering on key emotions, such as:

  • Humor
  • Surprise
  • Anger or Outrage
  • Weird Things or Uniqueness

The key to a good entertainment blog is to be a master of crafting headlines, thumbnails, and knowing good content when you see it.

Example include:

Wanna start your own blog?

Before you start your own blog, I have to share something with you…

It’s a bit of a secret. There are a lot of bloggers out there that don’t want you knowing this.

This video will reveal a blogging secret that’s taken me a long time to figure out.

Once I discovered this, my ENTIRE strategy changed. I started to see dramatic jumps in my income, and I was quickly able to become a full-time blogger.

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What My Life is Like in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I think your friends say a lot about YOU.

We tend to surround ourselves with people who are just like us. Who have similar values, beliefs, and goals.

Your friends are a reflection of who you are.

Today, I’m introducing you to one of my good friends, Jen, who vlogs on the Damaged Cupcake YouTube channel. She also has a baking company in NYC.

This video is gonna make you laugh! Join us as we explore Williamsburg and share some silly stories.

Want to connect with Jen?

Want to check out my gear?

I hope you laughed and smiled while you watched this video.

Remember that while I’m educating about how to start an online business, build a blog, and set up your ideal lifestyle… it doesn’t have to be all serious.

Life is about having FUN.

What’s the point of achievement, if you’re not enjoying the moments along the way?

For more vlogs like this, take a sec to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You’ll get notifications when new videos come out.

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New Course: How to Become a Full-Time Blogger

I’m opening up the waitlist for my new course, which shows you EXACTLY how to become a full-time blogger.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the strategies that I use to:

  • Get traffic to my website
  • Grow my email list
  • Earn multiple income streams
  • Write articles guaranteed to get views
  • And more…

Every one of these tactics are verified and proven to work. I use them on a daily basis, along with other professional bloggers.

I wanna give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up for the waitlist, so I’ll share the introduction to the course below.

Are you excited!?!

I am…

I know that this course will dramatically boost your results.

Once you go through this program, you’ll see a massive surge in traffic, subscribers, and income (if you apply the tactics).

These are strategies that will get you results.

I’m gonna be opening up soon. I’ll also share some FREE videos with you.

One video in particular reveals a secret when it comes to blogging.

Click here to join the waitlist.

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Blogging YouTube

What it’s like to fly a plane…

Oh man! This was an epic day!

You won’t believe this… I got to pilot a plane (for the very first time EVER).

It was sooo cool. I felt like Maverick, from Top Gun. Haha!

I filmed everything and put it together into a vlog for you.

The best thing about being a blogger is that you can do stuff like this.

Because I can work when I want, where I want, there is a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to my work.

If you want the same kind of job, then stick around until the end of the video!

The best part of flying the plane was facing fear.

Fear holds us back from doing so many cool things. Oddly enough, it’s all all in our head.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the images and thoughts we have about an activity that it physically stops us from doing something that would make an amazing memory.

“The best things in life are on the other side of of fear” – Will Smith.

What are YOU afraid of?

Let me know by leaving a comment on this YouTube video.

Lastly, if you are interested in the program that I mentioned at the end of the video, then I’d like to send some FREE videos your way.

This program will show you exactly how to become a full-time blogger.

You can join the waitlist for the Lifestyle Business Academy and I’ll link you to some really cool findings

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Blogging vs. YouTube (Making Money, Income Potential, And More…)

Should you start a blog OR should you start a YouTube channel?

Which has better money making potential?

I’m going to give you a look behind the curtain so that you can make the decision that’s best for your lifestyle and goals.

Personally, I started my first professional blog in 2012. I then started a podcast in 2015, on the same subject. Finally, I launched my YouTube channel in 2016.

You can see the progression below. The blog came first!

This blog focuses on crowdfunding, ecommerce, and online business. I’ve been writing on this topic for many years, and I’ve also created books and courses.

I was writing this blog for a few years, but then I decided I wanted to “level up” my game. I wanted to continue to challenge myself, and not just get comfortable with my success.

Shortly after coming to this decision, I launched the Crowdfunding Demystified podcast, which has been now downloaded more than 100,000 times.

This podcast has been received extremely well in my niche. It’s helped thousands and thousands of listeners.

At first, my initial podcasts sucked. They were horrible.

I sounded meek, shy, and very monotone.

But, I kept at it. Over time, just with blogging, I improved.

(Yup – I sucked at blog writing too).

Once I got to the point where I was pretty decent at the podcast, I asked myself… how can I grow EVEN further?

This is why I launched the YouTube channel!

The YouTube channel has attracted more than 3,500 subscribers. It’s now a regular way that people come across my work.

I’ve grown a ton as a result of launching this channel. My speaking has improved tenfold. My video quality has dramatically improved.

Again – it didn’t start there. If you go back in my archives, you’ll see how BAD my initial videos were.

Now, I’m working to grow my second YouTube channel (which is for readers of THIS blog).

On my new YouTube channel, I share online business tips, create vlogs, and do cool shit, like fly planes and drones.

I want to share this with you because it’s 100% possible for ANYONE out there to succeed with blogging OR YouTube.

You just have to follow a proven strategy and, if possible, seek out the assistance of mentors.

I’m going to go into the subtle differences between each medium so that you can decide which is best for YOU.

Blogging… what they won’t tell ya

Got that money on yo mind?

Okay, let’s talk income.


When I went full-time as a blogger in 2014, I made $30k in profit that year. The next year, I earned just over $50k.

$50k was my goal all along. Why?

Well, I turned down a job to pursue my entrepreneurial ventures. I’d have been paid $50k per year.

So I was like… well… if I can make that much on MY OWN, then I clearly made the right choice.

That income was comprised of a few different revenue streams, including:

  • Google Adsense Program
  • Private Advertisements
  • eBook Income
  • Affiliate Marketing Income
  • Some Services

It’s not like I just made of a ton of money from advertisements. I had other income streams as well. I was writing about 2-3 articles a week.

Most bloggers won’t tell you that you can’t make money just from blogging.

You have to do something else…

I share that and more in the video below.

The great thing about blogging is that my income potential is literally unlimited.

I am completely convinced that I’m going to be a millionaire some day. For now, I just make a healthy income and have a lot of freedom.

I’m so grateful that I can work from anywhere. I also love not having a boss.

Here are some of the massive benefits of becoming a full-time blogger:

  • Get paid to write. If you love to write, this is heaven.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • No more commutes to work or distasteful bosses.
  • The “cool factor” that comes with having an audience.
  • Longterm financial freedom.
  • Don’t have to be on camera or do public speaking (if you don’t want)

You can even hire freelancers to write articles for you, so that your time isn’t tied to blogging.

Pretty cool, huh?

These are some of the downsides:

  • Unlikely to make a living off of just advertisements
  • Need to learn the basics of this business
  • Writing. Yes, you can outsource it, but it definitely helps if you can recognize good writing.
  • It takes time. It took me a year to go full-time.

Ultimately, your success with blogging will depend on a few different factors. For the most part, you have control over all of these.

This means that you could really make this a career (if you want to). I’d recommend learning:

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Effective titling and structure of blog posts
  • Copywriting. This is different from traditional writing.
  • Email marketing

I will show you how to do all of these in the Lifestyle Business Accelerator.

If you’re still confused, here’s a simple test for deciding whether or not to become a blogger.


Do you want to become a TEACHER or an ENTERTAINER?

If you want to produce emotionally engaging and entertaining content, I’d lean towards YouTube over blogging.

But, if you want to teach a subject or produce educational content, then I’d lean towards blogging.

Let’s talk a bit about YouTube and how it differs from blogging.

YouTube… should you start a channel?

YouTube is very different from blogging, for a few key reasons.

In order succeed with YouTube, you must:

  • Have high quality video. I use the E0S 70D Camera.
  • Learn to edit videos. I just use iMovie.
  • Study YouTube SEO and suggested search algorithm.
  • Create attractive titles and thumbnails.

Rather than mastering the craft of writing, you’re going to need to master public speaking video setup, and video editing.

If you want to be in the spotlight, then YouTube is awesome. But, for people who are camera shy, this might not be the best platform.

I put together a YouTube video for you revealing how I got my very first 100 subscribers for my side channel.

I think that the number one OVERLAP between blogging and YouTube is that with both mediums, you have to learn to market yourself. You need to learn how to drive traffic and as a result, subscriptions.

This is a tough question to answer, but in general, I think that if you’re looking to go the more “entertainment” route, then it’s an excellent idea to explore YouTube.

Soooooo what about income potential? How much am I making?

Usually, when we think of “YouTube money” we immediately think of advertisements. This is the WRONG way to think about making money online.

I’ll explain why this is a deadly mistake, but before I do, I know you’re wondering…

How much…

Do I make…

With ads…

At the time I’m writing this article, 2017 isn’t over yet. I’ll probably end up making about $1,000 for the year from just advertisements.

This is from a little over 200,000 views.

Meaning, if I wanted to earn $100k a year from YouTube advertisements, I’d need about 20 million annual views.

Sounds depressing, right?


I’ve made far more money from this channel than $1,000. You’re only getting a very surface level glimpse at the revenue.

I’ve also earned income from:

  • Affiliate links
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Promotional services

YouTube will do everything in their power to keep your subscribers on YouTube, because this is when THEY make good money.

If you want to succeed with YouTube, you need to become a student of online marketing and learn how to monetize traffic.

The bulk of the money being made on YouTube by educators, like myself, comes from the “back end.”

These are the behind the scenes process, email funnels, and webinars that I use to convert visitors, viewers, readers, and listeners into customers.

From this perspective, there is no income ceiling. I know of many multi-million dollar businesses that operate on YouTube and don’t have anywhere near 1 million subscribers.

The name of the game is not “how many views can you get,” but rather how savvy your sales and online marketing skills are.

Ironically, this is something I learned from making lots of mistakes and eventually cracking the code as to how bloggers make a career out of writing.

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Easily Set Up a WordPress Website (in 5 Minutes)

WordPress is the backbone of most blogs.

It’s an awesome CMS (Content Management System).

Not only are there tons of themes out there to make your website look professional, but you’ll also gain access to an ecosystem of plugins to expand the functionality of your site.

Basically… you get a ton for free.

With this video, I’m going to show you how to set up a WordPress website for the low price of $2.95 per month.

This is a comprehensive training video that will get you up and running quickly!

Within five minutes, you’ll be ready to start blogging and gathering an audience online.

I hope that you found this video to be helpful!

If you want more tips on online business, blogging, and earning an income online, take a second to subscribe to my channel.

I’m always coming out with new videos, so you have a lot of catching up to do ;).

Starting a WordPress website is the very first step that you need to take towards becoming a full-time blogger.

It’s super easy to do. Just follow the guide and you’ll have it up and running quickly.

Also… you can’t beat the cost of only $2.95 per month. Insane!

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Blogging YouTube

How to Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

Are you working to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel?

I put together a video sharing how I grew my side channel to its very first 100 subscribers.

These are strategies that you can copy and apply to your own YouTube channel. If you do, you’ll find your subscriber count starting to increase!

Remember, great things start small.

My other channel now has more than 3,000 subscribers, but it didn’t start out that way.

Just like with this channel, I was hustlin’ every day to get more subscribers. Eventually, I started to see a bit of a snowball effect.

Now, I can release videos and they’ll instantly get views. I’ve built out a tiny distribution network for my videos. You can do the same (if you watch this video)!

Let me ask you a question…

What are you trying to accomplish with online business?

What do you WANT?

I’d love it if you could reply and leave a comment on this YouTube video.

I’m coming out with some really cool content in the next few weeks, so if you haven’t already, take a second to subscribe to my channel.

You’ll instantly get notified when I come out with new videos. It’s an easy way to stay up to date.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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